Got those “Carolina Blues”

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go with one of my best friends (Hannah King) to my first college football game of the season! Some would sing, “It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrr!” Growing up in North Carolina, most people classify blue in two ways: Carolina or Duke. Let’s just say I have a divided house…thanks Brian. I’ve never considered myself a huge sports fan, so I won’t be the girl that rattles off stats with you and your bros, but my best friend will. The day before the game though my ultimate question arose: What do I wear? Here is what Hannah and I went with after phone calls and face to face try on sessions. :





So most of my clothes are not shop-able for exacts because

a.) I just quit my Full-Time job and can barely afford my rent so most of my clothes are previous purchases and some even from my beautiful, fashionista aunt. Much love Aunt Kathie, may you rest in peace. ♥♥

b.) There really isn’t another reason. I just am broke and have a ton of clothes that I can show you first before I purchase newness.

Altar’d State: Romper

So this is my exact romper, but the color is just Olive instead.

Click me, Buy me!


Gladiator Sandals

Cute, comfy, and work for multiple occasions, check out the link below to get a similar pair like these at a great price!

Main Image - Hush Puppies® Abney Chrissie Cage Sandal (Women)
Shop Nordstrom shoes










The ones I own are Michael Kors, but they are about 3 years old…I am a Michael Kors shoe fanatic. Still waiting for them to redo the “gladiator sandal,” (I normally keep all my shoe boxes so I have the legit names, but of course this one I tossed.)  so I can purchase more. If I could go back in time to when I purchased them, I would have bought three pairs. No lie, my favorite shoe of all time.



Denim Jacket

Main Image - Levi's® Type 3 Sherpa Trucker Jacket
Shop menswear jackets

Holy mackerel, it’s a mans jacket. Why yes, yes, it is. I love the feeling of oversized coats, flannel, sweatshirts…you name it! And the best way to get that ladies, shop menswear too. This one I found on Nordstrom has a Sherpa lining…SHERPA. LINING. AKA fall into a piece of heaven when you put it on kind of jacket. Best believe when it gets cold, I will be wearing my oversized denim jacket (not sure if mom knows I snagged…she will now hehe) with my sherpa or fleece hoodie underneath to get some great wears out of it and stay warm. 


Due to regulations at the stadium, I tried to make sure I had a smaller bag. Although I had tons of pockets, and did’t necessarily need one. BUT YOU ALWAYS NEED A BAG, DUH. This is my go-to satchel for girls night out, or just going to work/class. This is the Henri Bendel “Waldorf” clutch


Zoomed imageWaldorf Wallet on a Chain

Waldorf Wallet on a Chain

I am slightly obsessed with Bendel’s thanks to “Gossip Girl,” and my admiration of the character Blair Waldorf. Oh to be young, and rich…

Here’s what we did September 9, 2017:

Food: The Purple Bowl

Purple Bowl Facebook page

Uhm, if you haven’t had a smoothie bowl you are missing out. This was my first experience at this restaurant, and I give my food a 10/10. I’m not a hard food critic, but I savored every bite of my brunch. And no, no mimosa’s today, just cucumber & lemon water.


I thought my hummus avocado toast was the stuff, but my taste buds were jumping for joy. Granted this is majorly a fashion blog so can we take like 5 seconds to admire the aesthetics that went into making these bowls and toast.  Excuse me Gucci, I need this in a dress size 6 please. Food is basically my second biggest passion next to fashion. And if I was a design major I probably would be inspired by food dishes, I’m not gonna lie. Model line up: Acai collection, then spicy avocado LET’S GO PEOPLE. 

FOOTBALL Half – Time Ring Ceremony

I enjoyed the game, but I am not even going to attempt to talk about what I watched, but the whole reason we attended this game was originally for the UNC basketball team receiving their 2017 National Championship rings. Not necessarily for them (no hard feelings boys I know I just shattered your hearts), but for one man alone. Michael. Jordan. It was stated he was going to be in attendance and apart of the ceremony, but he cancelled because of Hurricane Irma. BOOOOOO. But it was still a great honor, and I was privileged to be there to watch so many talented individuals share a love and passion for a sport they loved and made history with while a Tar Heel.

Check out the video below if you wanna watch the ring presentation:



Oh yeah, and then we went for a beer since we found out “He’s Not Here.” Just kidding, we knew before the game just couldn’t resist the pun…


Cheer to Fashion, blue cups, and strangers wanting to “do it for your blog!’ Enjoy life!

Roses are RED…

Wanting to make a statement this Fall? Well, now is your moment to be bold ON FIRE. Here are five things that will have me “RED HOT,” this Fall:

1. Lip color

Now that I’m a sandy blonde instead of a red head I can participate in this statement trend color and not look completely ridiculous! This color is honestly a shade of orange, but the saturation of it comes off as red.


Item: Mary Kay, “Tropical Mandarin” retail value $16.00

This particular item is no longer available to purchase unless a consultant has remaining inventory. But here are other recommendations priced lowest to highest:

2. Athletic Wear

I am obsessed with Victoria’s Secret workout collections, and the store in general, but one of my favorite bras is the Incredible sport bra. It is designed for maximum support workouts, but better yet super comfortable even with a wire!

FullSizeRender (1)

This Red Hot bra is part of my fiercest workouts whether I am at the dance studio, gym or hiking with friends. Now that summer is coming to an end, we have to be sure to take care of our bodies because those extra pounds come quick especially in the colder months! Purchased this one in the Spring, but click the Incredible above for product newness.

3. Fabulous Feet

90’s trends are on the rise, but boy am I stuck in the 80’s.

Bringing back my patterned Vans this Fall, and mixing it with a little 90’s flare aka denim and then more denim, and don’t forget the choker!

Go sixth grader me for choosing such vibrant options, it’s like I knew 20-something me would approve. My personal favorite is the DIY Red & Blue tie-dye vans feat. center



4. Formal Events

Whether it’s Homecoming, special event Gala, or even thinking ahead to your company Christmas party, make your arrival fire with a red cocktail dress. Wearing red shows confidence, and we should love the skin we’re in. Check out the details below to see how I snagged a designer dress under $100!

Dress: Lauren Ralph Lauren Dress (retail value $144, paid $35 Dillard’s Outlet)

If you are ever in the High Point, North Carolina,  area and looking for a great bargain, I recommend visiting the Dillard’s Outlet.

Dillard’s Outlet location and specials

5. Jewel toned Ruby Red

I am a huge gold jewelry girl, so I was ecstatic when it came back in fashion a few years ago. And Ruby pairs so well with all of my gold rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Featured pieces are:

FullSizeRender (3)

10ct. gold ruby and diamond ring 

18ct. gold infinity ring TIFFANY & CO.
Waldorf bracelet Henri Bendel  (shop newness here)




How will you incorporate Red into your Fall wardrobe?